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Apr 24, 2016 · In Firefox search for: Noscript, Adblock Plus, Ublock Origin, and Avast Online Security We are in no way shape or form associated with the development or distribution of these browser security addons. Scriptblock is an extension that provides better control of javascript, iframes and other unwanted content. It even can midigate cross-site-scripting(XXS) attacks and drive-by-downloads. ScriptBlock works perfectly together with other extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Ghostery. Noscript and Adblock While no tool can protect you completely against all threats to your online privacy and security, the Firefox extensions described in this chapter can significantly reduce your exposure to the most common ones, and increase your chances of remaining anonymous. May 02, 2009 · Notice to AdBlock Plus users: after a targeted attack from EasyList which broke functionality like direct links to development builds on developer’s sites, NoScript and above configure a regular filterset whitelisting them.

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Adblock Plus 和 Ad block 推荐一个 - V2EX 2017-1-5 · 问与答 - @domino - Ad block 用了一阵子,无意间看到有关于'追踪代码'的文章.于是在跟 Adblock Plus 和 Ad block 做比较.17 年了,想要一个干净,保有隐私,适合 Chrom Extension wars – NoScript vs. AdBlockPlus - Ajaxian

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半权威的Adblock Plus的半完整的发展史 - Chrome … 2018-3-2 · 一年之后,EasyList和NoScript之间的猫和小鼠游戏升级到采取了严厉措施的程度,这是我不知道的。 当我了解到NoScript扩展程序添加了混淆代码来破坏Adblock Plus时,我非常的失望,希望全世界都知道它。 这个博客文章已经病毒化,造成了相当大的伤害。 NoScript and AdBlock plus - Two Sides to Every Story