Completely anonymous remailer service for your letter for just $1.00. Offering confirmation codes, postage, and handwritten envelopes too!

Recommendations for Anonymous Remailer Policy at Oberlin An anonymous remailer is a piece of software that allows Internet users to send electronic communications (e.g. email and news group postings) anonymously. Remailer software takes an electronic communication and processes it so that the recipient of the message cannot identify the source from which it originated. Chicago Remailing Service TOTALLY SECURE AND ANONYMOUS: By using our services, your location is never revealed and is completely anonymous. Just mail your letters, postcards, small packages to us. Upon receipt, we shred your envelope addressed to us and we remail your fully … The best free anonymous email accounts | NordVPN May 28, 2019 Anonymous Remailer - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Madi's Remailing service is not currently operating. We may relaunch the service later this year. Sorry to so many who have used the service. We have also moved our office and warehouse so nothing should be ordered or sent to the old address! We'll let you know if the service resumes.

20 Best Anonymous Email Service In The Whole Wide World

A remailer enables you to send and receive email while keeping your real email address secret, by retransmitting your email with an anonymous return address. While encryption provides protection from reading your communications, remailing also protects knowledge of your email's true destination -- disguising your real address.. The first widely used remailer was at, hosted by Johan

Anonymous remailing services for letters from any state in the usa with a choice of cities with post offices. Simple process, you mail your letter to us and the location you would like it mailed from and we do the rest. You can use our address as yours, you have the option of having it held, forward to you or read on-line. Jan 13, 2017 · (9) W3 Anonymous Remailer. W3 Anonymous Remailer is the next email service which you can use to send anonymous email with attachment for free. A lot of services which we have shared above only allow one to send the message. If you want to add an attachment in your e-mail you can use W3 anonymous remailer.