In terms of protecting your privacy, Google Chrome is somewhere between horrible and dreadful. Google operates an extensive data collection ecosystem in which its search engine and a vast array of other products and services are used to build a pr

Google Strikes Back At Rivals With Chrome Security And May 19, 2020 Yes, You Should Quit Using Google Chrome However, browsers like Brave (or its adware-free alternative Bold), Opera and Vivaldi offer Chrome-like browsing with no ads. They also block site trackers and generally provide better privacy and How to control your privacy in Chromebooks vs. Windows 10 Sep 06, 2016 4 Chrome Extensions To Protect Online Privacy

How to control your privacy in Chromebooks vs. Windows 10

Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Google Chrome?

Mozilla Firefox Quantum. There used to be a time when Google Chrome had clear speed advantages …

Privacy Showdown: Firefox vs Chrome | LetMeBy Chrome also allows 3rd-party websites to gain access to your IP address and use cookies to access information tracked on the site. So if privacy is a priority for you, be aware of the browsers that support websites that enable other companies to track your online activities. Safari, Chrome, Firefox: Which is the most private browser Aug 21, 2019