May 17, 2014 · How to Set a Static IP and DNS in Ubuntu 14.04. Post by Joseph Purcell on May 17, 2014. Ubuntu 14.04 no longer allows you to edit /etc/resolv.conf directly. Instead

How To Configure DNS Server On Ubuntu 18.04 / Ubuntu 16.04 Jan 05, 2020 Set permanent DNS nameservers on Ubuntu or Debian with Jun 11, 2020 How to Set a Static IP and DNS in Ubuntu 14.04 - Joseph D May 17, 2014 How to make permanent DNS changes to resolv.conf file on

Aug 23, 2016

How to change DNS in Linux Ubuntu 16.04 GUI | OneVPN Mar 21, 2019; Follow these simple steps to change DNS in Linux Ubuntu: Step #1: Select the Network icon from the top left corner on your screen Step #2: Then select either "wifi" or "wired" connection which you are using and click on "edit" again or you can also select edit Connections. Step #3: Open the connection that you wish to modify, e. g. Wired Connection.

But it is possible to change this DNS if it presents errors, slowness, failures in the delivery of packages or more, for this reason has created this tutorial, to teach you to change the DNS servers in Linux and for this case we will see how to do it in Ubuntu 19.04 but the process is similar in Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 18.10.

May 14, 2018