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Nov 16, 2019 · Startpage’s business model has always been to serve ads targeted on search terms, which while a milder privacy invasion than from Google Search, is still selling our private life to advertisers, allowing them to manipulate us based on personal, sensitive, intimate data, against money. To change the home page or the search provider in Windows Internet Explorer, visit the website that is appropriate for your operating system and the version of Internet Explorer that you are running. Find out which version of Internet Explorer you're using. Download StartPage app for Android. The privacy-friendly search engine where you can also view websites anonymously. Virus Free startpage free download - StartPage Guard, Incredible StartPage, StartPage Search, and many more programs May 04, 2018 · Microsoft Edge and Google Search and the Home/Start page Hello, After all these years I'm finally ready to start using Microsoft Edge, replacing Internet Explorer; however, I like that I can set my home page and primary search in Internet Explorer to Google, but I can't find a way to do that with Edge.

Congratulations! Startpage is now your default search engine. Try your first private search. The world's most private search enginemost private search engine

Apr 03, 2020 How do I add Startpage.com as a default search engine to Startpage is available as a default search engine in various browsers. By adding Startpage to your browser, you can easily perform a search directly from your browser's URL bar and/or search box, without having to go to the Startpage website first. Search Suggestions - Startpage.com Support

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Search Suggestions - Startpage.com Support Nov 19, 2018 How do I add Startpage to Chrome as a default search Scroll down, and click Make Startpage your default search engine From the Chrome web store, click Add to Chrome In the popup, Click Add extension You will be shown a confirmation popup confirming you have completed the process. How do I add Startpage to Microsoft Edge as a default Startpage is now your default search engine. To add Startpage to Microsoft Edge as a default search engine without using our browser extension, follow these steps: Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner. Click on Settings. Click on Privacy and services. Scroll down and click on Address bar. Make startpage.com your default search engine. | by Julia