How to Detect and Bypass ISP Throttling Using a VPN

Bandwidth throttling is the practice by ISPs to intentionally limit the speed or volume of data transfers between their users and some or all parts of the internet. If you’ve heard of the internet referred to as the information superhighway, consider this metaphor to understand traffic throttling: Isn’t Your ISP Bandwidth Throttling? How to Identify and Yes, some kind of bandwidth throttle bypass is possible. If you have a website limit or a server limit from your ISP, it can be bypassed using a VPN. VPN encrypts your data traffic and creates connections through private channels, so your ISP doesn’t know which site you connected to, so all sites or servers load at the same speed. LIMIT Internet Speed of Certain Devices Connected to WiFi Now, I will discuss here how you can limit bandwidth using a bandwidth controller in Tenda router. To limit WiFi speed on Tenda router, follow the steps: 1. Go to router IP and log in with your credentials. 2. Next, click on Advanced. 3. Now to find the clients to limit bandwidth …

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